Ready to Craft


I didn’t get the antique hutch, instead I got this perfect antique library table. I think it works much better because there is more room to spread out my work. I have spent the last week making our new house more of a home and I think that I have been successful. There is just one more thing to be done and that is to hang my most favorite piece of art. It is a painted window that I bought at Holland, Michigan’s Tulip Festival back in 2007:


I am completely eager to start making new items for Old School Jenny

First I have a few assignments lol. I promised a couple of friends that I would design and print their business cards. One of them requested that I design their logo as well. I also have a request for a custom order of Christmas cards that I need to work on. I am happy to fulfill these orders but I am really looking forward to the freedom of making whatever I want again lol.


Craft Room Dreaming OSJ Style

After much delay and some hard luck I am happy to announce that we have found our new place in Adrian, Michigan (near the border of Ohio). Our new place has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and all of the amenities we were hoping for such as a large kitchen and a garden tub with a walk in shower. As a bonus there is a place to eat just off the kitchen and a small deck in the back. Chris is possibly more excited than I am about building a crafting room that I can use to create new items for Old School Jenny.

Browsing on Etsy this morning I stumbled across my dream desk! It’s absolutely stunning. This woman did an outstanding job refurbishing this old desk with a hutch and a chair. Check it out:


I think this desk is so beautiful. I am just going to leave it here for now.

If I manage to make my dreams come true and purchase this desk than I think everything else for my craft room will fall into place and be designed around this piece. I want a lot of vintage items and things that have been upcycled and include lots of reclaimed wood and vintage artwork and graphics. Once I get my new room all set up I look forward to not only getting back to creating new things for you but also sharing with you my process and inspiration for each new project.

Do  you have a dream craft room? What would you include in it?