Story Time

Some things that I am learning about on my journey…

We all have stories. Some may see my story and think “how tragic” or “she must be strong”.  However, I am tired of that story, so I am busy building a new story about a successful woman who takes what she loves and uses her gifts to help others. My new story is something that I have been working on, off and on for a very long time. Meanwhile I am grateful to have my bipolar story published by on their wonderful, wonderful blog:

The story of Old School Jenny

(no worries this is a happy story and it has a happy ending)

It is so nice to feel so supported by a community of people who, like me, struggle with chronic illness. The people I have encountered on their forums have been so kind to me while I have been…stuck.

Lately, I have felt that it is necessary for me to spend some time working on me. Part of that means making art for myself. I have a feeling I will return to making things for my shop soon, so never fear. My muse is always just around the bend. If you have a shop of  your own I would be curious to know if this ever happens to you?

I also want to share a new part of my journey with you. It is an art community inspired and moderated by Jenniebellie. I am so in awe of how Jennie shares her talents so freely and has created such a hub of learning and support for people who love to work on journals such as myself. It’s a fabulous community and if you like creating and sharing with others I highly recommend it. It’s found at

That is all for now. If you took the time to visit PLM’s blog I greatly appreciate it. Here is my new spot for just being at peace: